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New academic school year

Directors' Corner and Testimony

Unity Christian Fellowship, Inc., A Youth Development Organization proudly serves young people throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding area, impacting more than 500 young people and their families annually.  UCF's mission is to promote student success, teach life skills, leadership and educational strategies.  


UCF's Aim High In Life Educational and Life Skills Program, “You Got Skills” celebrates its 10th year of promoting student success among at-promise and underserved students.  We are proud of all of our students’ accomplishments and shared a sense of pride and wonder concerning their amazing achievements;  especially our male students, whose ages range between middle school and high school. Now we have students in the pipeline who have entered college, having benefited from UCF's nurturing, mentoring, coaching, and guidance.


We want to increase enrollment by encouraging middle school students to join our next generation of young people who displays a higher level of commitment in pursuit of excellence as a person, student and athlete as they work toward their destiny.  We also accept interested 4th and 5th graders.  


We would be honored if you would contribute a gift of your time, talent, and resources in support of UCF Programs to help our students realize their full potential.  You are invited to join us on this journey of excellence  excellence to Build Youth Success: Changing the Landscape and Leveraging Opportunities as we equip our youth to make positive contributions to society.

We partner with parents and community organizations by working together to achieve the following:


*    Teach Life Skills, Education Strategies and Leadership

*    Reduce the Achievement  Gap

*    Increase student performance in school

*    Increase student availability for learning

*    Decrease student suspensions from school to increased academic success and eliminate disproportionate representation of minority students

*    Increase parent involvement in their student’s education.

*    Promote greater school/community collaboration through partnership


We want all of our students to be successful, especially our male students.  We work hard to encourage students to stay in school and prepare for the work force and/or higher education or development of a skill in a trade that will allow them to earn a living.  

You are invited to join us on this journey of excellence as we equip our youth to make positive contributions to society.  

Donald and Mona Williams


Student Message:  


Be a “Game Changer” in your Family!  Reach for the stars and Dream BIG!  Pull your pants up and focus on changing the direction of your life and your family.  Be the first in your family to be an Engineer, Doctor, Attorney, Scientist, Computer Specialist, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Educator, College Professor, Police Chief, Detective Military Officer, State Attorney, City Administrators, Judge, etc. 


Let your education take place you never dream possibly!

Testimonies and Recognition From Others

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